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Fixed Height Music Studio Desks with Piano Pullout Tray

Fixed Height Music Studio Desks with Piano Pullout Tray

Are you looking for a space where work and musical creativity blend seamlessly? Explore our custom Music Studio Desks, meticulously crafted to embody your style while ensuring durability. These desks are designed to accommodate both your piano keyboard and work needs effortlessly, offering a unique blend of functionality and creativity that surpasses off-the-shelf options. Reach out today to discuss your unique Music Studio Desk requirements.


Please note that the listed prices are starting prices and do not include additional services such as installation, delivery, or customizations. The price includes your choice of color from the following options: Black, Maroon, Mahogany, Walnut, Teak, or Natural.


If you're unsure about determining your tabletop/desk size, don't worry. We're here to help. The price tier is determined by the total perimeter of your tabletop. For example, if your tabletop measures 120cm * 60cm, your total perimeter is 360cm, making it a Medium size.


Here's a breakdown to help you get started:

- Perimeter < 360cm = Medium (Length: 110-120cm * Width: 50-60cm)

- Perimeter < 460cm = Large (Length: 130-150cm * Width: 60-70cm)

- Perimeter < 560cm = Extra Large (Length: 160-190cm * Width: 70-80cm)

- Perimeter < 660cm = XL Large (Length: 200-230cm * Width: 80-100cm)


You can choose any size you prefer, but please ensure there is a minimum of 14cm on either side to accommodate room for adjustable legs and 10cm for fixed height legs desk option. Additionally, since we'll be using 2cm thick Hevea wood for your tray, please add a total of 6-8cm to the length of your piano keyboard to ensure it fits comfortably. If you need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We're just a message away.


Contact us for more details.

  • Table

    Elevate your workspace with our premium selection of 100% solid Hevea wood, Paulownia wood, and Chinese Fir wood. Customise your desk with beautifully crafted solid wood tops available in a variety of shades and tones to enhance your environment. Make your desk the centrepiece of productivity while seamlessly blending with your surroundings.

  • Lead Time & Assembly

    Our lead time from payment/design to delivery is a minimum of 3 weeks as we handcraft each desk order upon receipt. Our desks are not mass-produced in a factory; instead, they are meticulously built with time and care at each step of the process.


    Professional Assembly Service
    Are you looking for a professional assembly service for your desk? If you're not confident with tools or simply prefer expert help, our team is ready to assist you. You can easily add this service to your cart or reach out to us directly.

  • Specifications

    Product Specs U-Shape Legs
    38 cm (Width) * 73 cm (Height) Black or White
    50 cm (Width) * 73 cm (Height) Black, White, or Chrome
    50 cm (Width) * 43 cm (Height) Black, White, or Chrome
    50 cm (Width) * 58 cm (Height) Black, White, or Chrome
    70 cm (Width) * 73 cm (Height) Black or White
    Weight 5kg
    73cm Height + 2cm Tabletop 75 cm (from Floor to Top of Tabletop)
$1,010.00 Regular Price
$710.00Sale Price
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