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erms And Conditions

Usage of our site:

The My-Desk-Co website is to be used for the purpose of learning about and buying our products and services. Pictures, video, and  Information on the site are the properties of My-Desk.Co and are not to be reproduced without explicit authorization from My-Desk.Co.

Usage of our products:

We disclaim any liabilities, loss, damage due to misuse or abuse of our products.

Displayed item vs actual item:

We do our best to accurately describe the products and services listed. However the final product may not be exactly as the product on the site. This could be due to screen resolution, color and lighting. For customized tabletops sizes and shapes, we allow for a margin of error of 0-2 millimeter.  Sizes within that margin of error is considered as correct.  Note we take no responsibility if you mismeasured the space or provided us with the incorrect measurements.

Wood Products: Due to the natural of wood products the grain pattern and color of the wood may differ from tabletop to tabletop. Further, minor blemishes and chips are normal and not considered as defects.


Assembly Service:

Assembly service may delay the shipping time of our order depending on availability of our technicians.

We are not responsible for damages or compatibility issues if you choose to install a non My-Desk-Co tabletop.


The estimated delivery time and or installation time is a guide. The actual delivery/installation time is dependent on your location, whether the product is in stock, availability of our drivers/assembly men, your schedule, and act of god.

Free delivery is only available for within the main Singapore island, including Sentosa. If you reside outside of this area, please contact us at to place your order.


My-Desk.Co offer 100% refund for any cancellations made within 24 hours of time of purchase. The timestamp will be based on the timestamp recorded in our systems, both when you placed the order and when you made the request to cancel. Refunds are made back the same method that was used for the purchase. Where a foreign credit card was used, we are not responsible for any loss or gains from foreign exchange conversion.


We do not offer any returns or exchanges. Products under warranty are repaired or replaced.

Changes to your order:

If you wish to make a change to the order, please contact with the order number and details of the change. We will do our best to accommodate the change but additional charge may apply. Verification maybe required prior to any change is made.


Unless additional warranty was purchased, or stated otherwise, our products are covered by the below warranty.


  1. Standing Desks Frames

    1. Three year

  2. Standing Desks Tabletops

    1. Three Year

  3. Accessories

    1. 1 Year


Our warranties do not cover;

  • wear and tear, scratches, fading, and similar types damages caused by using our product over time,

  • damages caused by inappropriate usage, or abuse of our products


To make a claim, please take a picture/video of the issue/damage and send an email to Where the issue is with mechanic or electrical parts, please turn off and refrain from using to avoid any injuries or damages to you and your properties. We may repair or replace the product depending on issue. Depending on the model any repair or replacement may take up to 4 weeks. Where replacement is done, we will replace the product that is equivalent or greater value. Maximum one replacement per product.

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