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Installation Manuals and Troubleshooting

Updated: Apr 17


Our tabletops come equipped with pre-drilled holes to facilitate effortless installation. Nevertheless, we strongly advise seeking assistance during installation due to the weight of the frames and the need for dexterity. While power tools are not mandatory, they can facilitate the installation process if available. It is imperative to note that when elevating the table to an upright position, lifting from the tabletop is strictly prohibited. Instead, lifting from the frame is recommended, and it may be prudent to enlist the aid of a second individual.

Quick Tip: It is essential to align all the holes and install washers before fitting screws.

Typical Installation Time: ~ 2 Hours

X Frame - Dual Motor Two-Leg Frame - INSTRUCTIONS FOR X FRAME
Download PD • 1.04MB

S Frame - Single Motor Two-Leg Frame - INSTRUCTIONS FOR S FRAME
Download PD • 858KB

P Frame - Pedestal Single-Leg Frame - INSTRUCTIONS FOR P FRAME
Download P • 1.86MB


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