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Installation Manuals and Troubleshooting

Updated: Mar 12, 2021


Our tabletops come with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. However, we recommend you get some assistance with the installation as the frames are heavy and require some agility. Power tools are not required but can make installation easier if you have one available. When lifting the table upright, DO NOT LIFT from the tabletop, instead lift from the frame. You may wish to get another person to assist you in this!

Quick Tip: Be sure to align all the holes and install washers before fitting screws.

Typical Installation Time: ~ 2 Hours

X Frame - Dual Motor Two-Leg Frame - INSTRUCTIONS FOR X FRAME
Download PD • 1.04MB

S Frame - Single Motor Two-Leg Frame - INSTRUCTIONS FOR S FRAME
Download PD • 858KB

P Frame - Pedestal Single-Leg Frame - INSTRUCTIONS FOR P FRAME
Download P • 1.86MB


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