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How to customize and order your tabletop!

Updated: Apr 17

This guide will provide instructions and tips to measure and order your first customized tabletops.


Measure the length and depth in millimeters. If there are baseboards or other obtrusions, don't forget to factor them in the overall space.

We recommend you leave at least a 1cm gap around the tabletop. This is to give the desk space to move up and down and allow for any wires that you maybe running to the desk.

To determine the correct tabletop size to order, add all four sides of the desk to get your total perimeter.

  • < 200cm = Extra Small

  • < 300cm = Small

  • < 360cm = Medium

  • < 460cm = Large

  • < 580cm = Extra Large

If you need a larger size, please contact us and we can advise. Note we will cancel orders if you select the incorrect size based on the total perimeter you provided.

Size Limitations:

For usage with our frame, the minimum depth is 60cm and maximum depth is 90cm.


Colors: After you measured your space, the creativity begins. No individuals are alike so we have a wide arrange of colored paints and varnished to choose from. If not listed, please purchase the color you like and send it to use. Note this may delay your order.

Edging: To add edging customization, first add the current product to the cart, then search for product "Tabletop Edging and Corners". Here you can customize the edging and coners. Once done, add to your cart.

We have a variety of edging to suite every style. The edging, like the color can add character to your desk and be used to match your existing furniture. The default is straight edge (boring but a classic!) but you can also choose chamfer (modern look), radius, and cove.

Edging Corner:

Three options. Straight blunt corner (Default) or radius corner (R30, or R15). Radius corners not only have the look but is safer with young children around or if you're clumsy like me. Option selected will be applied for all corners on the tabletop. If you want only certain corners to be of a certain type, please note in your measurement instructions.

Wires Grommet Holes:

For those looking for an easy way to organize the multitude of cables and wires running up your desk, installing a grommet hole is a popular choice. Grommet Holes can be added to both the Redi and Kustom series standing table set. To add, search for product "Grommet Wire", select the color and placement, and add to your cart.

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