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Your safety is our priority

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Children: The sit-stand table is not to be used kids below 12 years old. If you have young children, please ensure your office room is locked so they do not play with the control box. The anti-collision will stop the motor but may still damage your property.


The desks are designed to be used indoors and in a dry area only. Any other area will expose the desk to external elements such as humidity, heat, and water which may corrode the internal functions of the motor and control panel.

Mechanical Parts: Please ensure nothing is blocking the table from moving up and down.

Overloading: Overloading beyond the maximum weight supported (including weight of the tabletop) will damage the motor and the columns.

Do not put all weight on one corner or part of the desk. The weight support assume a distributed weight surface. Intense weight on one side may damage the tabletop but also tilt the tabletop resulting in personal and property damage.

Using tabletop at max height is safe but will tilt over if enough force is pushed against the desk or if weight is concentrated on one side of the desk. It is recommended that the desk is placed against a wall.

Standing on the Desk:

Though the desk can support the weight of the average adult, it is not designed for standing on. Standing on the desk may break the tabletop and result in personal injury, property damage, and damage to the desk.

Overheating: Do not use the motor for more than two minutes at a time to avoid overheating. If you need to move the table again after two minutes, please wait 18 minutes before adjusting the height again.

Personal or property damage or injury due to any other above items or inappropriate usage is not covered by our warranty.

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