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Your safety is our priority

Updated: Apr 17

Children: Please note that the sit-stand table is not suitable for children under the age of 12. If you have young children, we advise securing your office space to prevent access to the control box, which may cause damage to your property even though the anti-collision feature can stop the motor.

Environment: Our desks are designed for indoor use only, in dry areas. Exposure to external elements such as humidity, heat, and water in other locations may corrode the internal functions of the motor and control panel.

Mechanical Parts: To avoid any impediments to the table's movement, ensure that there are no obstructions in its path. Overloading the table beyond the specified weight limit (including the weight of the tabletop) will damage the motor and the columns. Please refrain from placing all the weight on one corner or area of the desk since the weight distribution is designed to be evenly distributed. Extreme weight on one side may damage the tabletop and result in personal and property damage. While using the tabletop at maximum height is safe, sufficient force applied against the desk or weight concentrated on one side of the desk may cause it to tilt over, resulting in injury and property damage. We recommend placing the desk against a wall for added stability.

Standing on the Desk: Although the desk can support the weight of the average adult, it is not intended for standing on. Attempting to stand on the desk may cause the tabletop to break, resulting in personal injury, property damage, and damage to the desk.

Overheating: We advise limiting the use of the motor to two minutes at a time to avoid overheating. If you need to adjust the height again after two minutes, please wait 18 minutes before doing so.

Kindly note that we shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage, and our warranty does not cover personal or property damage or injury resulting from inappropriate usage or any of the items mentioned above.

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